Our College Town

Our College Town - Louisburg, North Carolina!

Louisburg, North Carolina, is one of the best college towns in America. Generations of Hurricanes who matriculated in our quintessential small town make this claim.  Located in the heart of the Piedmont region and Franklin County’s center, Louisburg is 45 minutes from the Capital City, Raleigh. It provides our students access to some of the best healthcare, academic, cultural, and entertainment resources in North Carolina and throughout the east coast of the United States.

The Tar River banks nestle the town of Louisburg - named to honor King Louis XVI of France, who supported our infant country throughout the Revolutionary War. Founders chartered Louisburg in 1779 as the newly formed Franklin County’s seat. Settlers named the county after Benjamin Franklin, who was serving as foreign minister to France.  

Today, Louisburg is a safe, friendly, and welcoming community that is ideal for student academic success. The beautiful Main Street corridor is full of historic churches and oak-lined sidewalks, with numerous dining and shopping opportunities throughout the community.  Louisburg is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts with two riverfront parks: students are encouraged to explore both the town and surrounding neighborhood during their time in the piedmont. Traverse this website for more information on our fantastic community.